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Nitto Kohki
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Цахилгаан дриль

Түгээх :
Менежертэй холбоо барих

Дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэл

• Extra large *2-9/16” x 2” hole drilling capacity
• Fully automatic feed mechanism with power return
• Step feed feature optimizes cutter penetration
• Load detection system monitors and regulates motor speed and
cutting feed
• Sealed arbor system with through spindle coolant
• Built-in motion detection sensor
• Powerful 220 volt motor with two speed 400/750 rpm gear box
• One-Touch arbor system “No tools required for cutter installation
and removal”
• Precision machined die cast aluminum mainframe, motor, motor
slide and arbor support bracket
• Chip breaker prevents schwarf and chip nesting

Менежертэй холбоо барих

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