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Cole Hersee
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Аккумляторын Хэрэгсэл

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DPST Master Disconnect SwitchTwo positions: Off-On. 

For 6-36V DC systems. 
dpst Will disconnect the battery and thealternator or generator field circuit. 
Electrical ratings: 125A continuous, 750A intermittent; 15secs On, 5min Off. Up to 36V DC max, carry only. 
Silver contact surfaces. 
Both poles are separately insulated. 
Four 3/8" -24 studs. Lockwasher and two brass hexnuts per stud are provided. 
3/4" -16 brass mounting stem. 
Operating temperature range: -40° to 85°F ( -40° to 29°C). 
O-ring seal in mounting stem; gasket seal at terminal insulator. 
Epoxy seal at case, mounting stem and locating pin. 
Heavy duty plated steel case. 
With indexing pin. 
Mounting torque 20ft lbs (27Nm); stud torque 4.4 to 7.4 ft lbs (6-10Nm).

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